Bragnoc is a story driven, 5e compatible, Tabletop RPG that allows the players to embark on an epic journey across the galaxy, it has endless possibilities and customisation options as the player can in effect create any character they wish and visit any number of endless worlds in a sprawling universe as they seek out adventure and riches. The game consists of a Caretaker (Game Master) that runs the game, describing the environment around the players, maintaining the rules and deciding the outcomes and reactions of the player’s actions & multiple players that navigate the galaxy that the Caretaker lays out for them. There are no limitations to what the players can do except the limits of their own imaginations, so strap in for a whirlwind of adventures.

The Basics


The game really is quite simple to pick up and learn. Here is the basic gist of how the game is played;

The Caretaker (Game Master) gives the players a scenario, the players react to that scenario and then the Caretaker tells the players what the outcome of their reactions are, the outcomes are decided by dice rolls and the Caretaker’s judgement.

Man in reflection of Alien eye

The Races


The human race, having been stuck on Earth for thousands of years, have finally taken their first steps out into the galaxy, their versatility and tenacity put them in good stead to becoming a galactic super power, but they are still young right now and with only a few survivors from the first colonisation mission out in the wilds of space it is up to them to create a first impression on the galaxy.

Eve in biosuit
Grey Alien

The Grey

The Grey have been nomadic since the mutual destruction of their and the Sauron's homeworlds, driven half mad for revenge and completely physically transformed from the centuries of space radiation, the Grey inhabiting the galaxy today will be the last due to the sterilisation effects of the radiation.

They are a mysterious race, never letting anyone get close enough to full know what they are up to, they battle the Saurons with total ferocity.


Once a proud, noble and peaceful race, the Saurons have been transformed from an untold era of traversing the stars in search of revenge against their mortal enemies the Greys for the destruction of their home world, this transformation may not be physical, however their society, their beliefs and their values are unrecognisable now. They have become an almost savage race, reverting back to the preference of hand to hand combat so that they can see the life drain from their enemies.

Sauron Warrior Alien