• Michael Melim

Absence Makes The Game Even Better

First, an apology.

I have been absent from this blog and from socials for far too long. I have been working hard to make Bragnoc the best TTRPG I can, while also developing a brand new TTRPG Enhancement platform called Touchtop RPG. Not to mention going back to University and working part time on top of that.

In short, there's only so much time in a day, and I have been running out recently, something I am genuinely sorry for.

However, both Bragnoc and Touchtop RPG are coming along very nicely and so I have carved out some time specifically to let you all know what's going on with them both.

Bragnoc is coming along really well, we have the cover art for the Rule/Campaign book completed, the prototype miniatures created and playtesting is going great!

We will be making an appearance at a local Games Day this month during which we will be showcasing Bragnoc and some of its gameplay to the public - more info to come!

And behind the scenes we are making a lot of headway with the finer mechanics of the game as well as the logistics of getting the game to market, stay tuned for some news hopefully coming soon on this front!

In terms of Touchtop RPG, we are part way through development of an early stage prototype which will be used to gain traction to get the full game created, the scope of this project is honestly mind blowing and I cant wait to share more with you about this, in the meantime, check out the dedicated Touchtop RPG page HERE!

We have a very exciting few months ahead of us, and look forward to bringing you all along on this journey with us!

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